Benefits for you, business and phones.

  • Wow rates for You

  • Is Nusch really free? see rates.

    Big yes! NUSCH has multiple free options. ➊ The download is free. ➋ Nusch to Nusch chat is free for endless and unlimited calls. ➌ No subscription fees. Bottom line: ➍ Each call starts as free call, always.

  • Each call starts at 0.-

    Nusch always starts with free calls.
    In general we have three ways to place calls: Mobile, VoIP and chat. Nusch has them all in one. Therefore the app tries to connect the freecall first.

    Nusch Wow rates⁝
  • Free international calls

    Your are at home, or at the office, or on holiday. You can call mobile numbers in other countries for free if the other side uses Nusch.
    Your are abroad? You can do the same. Receive calls on your regular mobile number without roaming fees.

    Free calls worldwide⁝
  • Wow-rates to anyone outside the freezone

    With Nusch you can reach anyone outside the freezone as well, in your city, nationwide and even worldwide.

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  • Cheaper than Skype, Line, Viber,..

    Compare Nusch with the rates of other social media and mobile network providers and you’ll be saying Wow! Compare rates and services

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  • No international roaming fees

    Exactly! ➊ Up to 95% less while calling abroad. ➋ No international surcharges when calling home or anyone else on this planet while abroad. ➌ No international roaming fees for incoming calls on your regular mobile number while abroad.

    Please remember: Each call starts at 0.- anyway. You are all covered worldwide.
  • Any extra charges?

    Nope! No subscription fees, no setup charges, no packages with an expiry date. Just simple and honest Wow-rates - in case you cannot enjoy the freecall option.

  • Free global support

    Yes, you can contact the Nusch support team free, 24/7.

  • Free call credit

    Free credit for everyone! Test our great call quality to contacts outside the freezone. Invite others to Nusch and you´ll get more free credit.

  • Triple Reach

  • Three networks in one app

    Nusch unifies access to the three major networks: GSM (2G+3G), LTE (4G+5G) and WiFi in one app. We made them work like one network and put them in one application for all of your calls and chats.

  • Double coverage

    Reach 98% of the worlds population instead of only 60%. Ordinary social media services are based on internet only, like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat & Co. Nusch is true Mobile Social Media because it works where there is no internet connection available.

    Free calls worldwide ⁝
  • Maximum coverage

    Nusch makes three networks work like one and even more: You are covered in 193+ countries, by 300+ mobile networks and by millions of WiFi hotspots.

  • Use the network you like

    Good for you: Nusch is network and brand neutral. You have total freedom of choice.
    Keep your present SIM card and mobile number if you like. We recommend using SIM cards with the best possible coverage in your country or region. Bottom line: You can switch network providers anytime and as much as you like.

  • Local = Global

    Nusch doesn´t know international roaming charges. Incoming calls on your mobile number while abroad? Free! - Outgoing calls from anywhere to somewhere on this globe always start at 0.- or at wow-rates, as if you were local, as if you were at home.

  • Going 100 on the motorway

    How was your last WhatsApp call or Skype audio conference on the motorway, on a moving train or bus? Understood! Nusch can!

  • One-Comfort

  • United Chat · VoIP · Mobile

    All three ways to place calls and chat finally united.
    ⚈ Free video chat and audo calls, messaging and media-file sharing comes with WebRTC. ⚈ Lowest wow-rates for calls outside the freezone comes with VoIP. ⚈ More Wow-rates are availble for mobile calls where there is no internet available.

  • Your chatroom everywhere

    Not availble on the chat? Two comfort options: Redirect to ⚈ your mobile number or to ⚈ your voice mail box. Nusch extends your chatroom to nearly everywhere.

  • Keep what you have (BYOD)

    You really like your preferred iPhone or Android phone? Keep it! Your mobile number is mandatory? Keep it! Nusch does not force you to change a thing. Just load the Nusch app from the store and enjoy your phone even more.

  • High-availability calls

    ⚈ Your contact is not in the freezone? Nusch switches to VoIP automatically. ⚈ You are not connected to the internet? A mobile call will be initiated automatically.
    This automated high-availability works while you are moving as well. You leave the WiFi zone? ⚈ The call follows you on mobile data or as mobile call and vice versa. This is free roaming and distraction-free connectivity.

  • Simplify your phone & yourself

    Nusch unites all of your communicatons in one app and even on one screen: Chat + calls + sharing media, documents, locations and moments.
    Get rid of three or more apps right now! Why? They consume power, resources and performance. They also have different handlings, legals and rates.

  • The world - Your home-zone

    You are international? Nusch even more in 193+ countries, with 300+ mobile networks and some million WiFi hotspots. Everything comes on one platform, with one billing and a 24/7 support team. It´s always without international roaming fees and surcharges for calls abroad but with free international calls. Feels homy, right?

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  • Rent local numbers in 60+ countries

    You are a traveller? You need contact numbers in other countries? Order yours in the app in real time.
    Now you can even change your call-out numbers instantly.

    Wiki on DID numbers ⁝
  • Group chat

    One conversation among friends, followers, families, moderated, safe, fast .. as in the real world.

  • Share anything

    Share media, documents of any type, your location and many many moments.

  • Nusch button in your phone´s contact list

    Start you conversation as usual from your phone´s contact list. You see the Nusch button? Yes!

  • Call recording

    You want to record your calls? Recording is an option, either automatically on each call or manually per call.

  • Voice mail

    Let others talk to you while you are not availble. Listen, forward, download the message whenever and whereever you are.

  • Multi-lingual

    Nusch comes in eight languages: English, Chinese, Hindi, Bahasia Indonesia, Thai, French, Spanish, German

  • Deeper Security

  • Automated and included

    Nothing to do for you.
    The three possible attack routes are secured: On the device, ➊ digitally and against ➋ real world violators and on its ➌ transmission path.

  • Just your mobile number

    Register with your mobile number. That´s all.

  • Privacy

    Nusch knows nothing personal about you.
    No need to enter your name, email address, financial or other personal details.

  • Real-world protection

    Lock the chatroom on your phone via an optional password. No one can enter your personal chatroom now, even he/she has real-world hands on your phone.

  • Safety on the way

    Your messages, files and media travel via TLS/SSL encryption between the devices.

    Wiki on TLS/SSL
  • Device security

    Nusch comes with AES 256 bit encryption on board.

    Wiki on AES encryption
  • Auto delete

    Your information belongs to you only. Once the message or the file has been received the transmitted data will automatically be deleted on our side within 24 hours.
    Note: No deletion on your phones. The time line and the files will not be auto-deleted on your or the receivers phones.
    Auto-delete works according to applicable law of the users countries. Even if the data is not deleted from the servers according to current law, the transmitted data will not be visible or accessible after both parties have read the message or accessed the files.


  • Save money

    Definetly a ➊ lean management tool. One service, one platform for local and international communications. Outstanding ➋ sourcing conditions. Compare Nusch rates with the ones of your present provider.

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  • Make money

    Earn while others talk, chat and use the internet!
    Three income streams are possible: ➊ Live-time commissions on data usage, calls and in-app sales. ➋ One-time commissions like setup or subscriptions fees. ➌ Additional sales: Equipment, vouchers, mobile services. Earn like a telecom. More at Rent-A-Telecom

    Business packages⁝
  • Your brand (OEM)

    Get your customised application under your own brand. Make the value of your brand even greater by integrating connectivity. Create own business models, your own rates and earn from your audience once more. All details: Rent-A-Telecom

  • SLA plus

    SLA plus high availiability (automated multi network access) is the new premium class in business communications.
    While you are covered by a SLA you are also covered by a superior service power: Network not accessible? The system switches to another one in real-time. The chance of a service down is drastically reduced and your effective service reliablity is significantly increased.

  • Add connectivity directly

    You sell great mobile services, applications, devices and things? Connect yourself. Add your own mobile app, SIM card, device and more. Rent-A-Telecom enables literally anyone to direct-connect their users and products.

  • Live broadcasting

    Talk to your audience via their mobile phones. Reach your customers, staff, fans directly on their phones at the push of a button.

    Wiki on Broadcasting ⁝
  • Global data + flat-rate

    You are in IoT, M2M, Big Data, etc.? Application providers benefit double: A global data flat-rate is provided for services with small data hunger. High volume requirements are met by local rates for borderless roaming.

  • Revaluate services & products

    You sell mobile applications and products? Add your own mobile connection and deliver all-inclusive from now on.

  • Real control

    Get rid of third-party dependencies on behalf of user data ownership and earning higher revenues.

  • Celebrities & influencers

    Get paid by talking directly to your fans and followers worldwide. You set the rates and your income.

  • Social media providers

    ⚈ Become a social media provider with your own brand.
    ⚈ You are a social media provider? Become a mobile social media provider covering 98% of all people instead of just 60%.

  • For small and medium enterprises

    Our Rent-A-Telecom service empowers SMEs to manage their own connectivity. Starters and startups pick the STARTER package and get 3x3x3xFree. Order online: Rent-A-Telecom

  • For international organisations

    We empower international enterprises, societies, bodies to manage their own connectivity, which is one and international by nature. International Enterprise Mobility allows to get rid of local limitations, international roaming fees and other traditional difficulties to just communicate.

  • For telcos, MvNOs, NSPs

    We empower local telcos and service providers to become competitive again. As international virtual MNO (ivMNO) and iMvNE we are a great tool box.
    Local Earn from the calls while potential customers still use SIM cards of your competitors.
    International Be different, be 100% local and 100% international and more.

  • For institutions, infrastructures, .gov

    Our YourTelecom program empowers large organisations to run their own connectivity. This additionally solves several problems: ⚈ You gain access to all mobile networks not just a single one. ⚈ Exclude 3rd-party problems regarding legal and administrative issues: The user data is collected and owned by you and not by a network operator.

  • Real-time dashboard and daily report

    Get your report every 24 hours by email or in your chatroom. The optional dashboard gives you deep information in real-time. You can use it as CRM tool as well.

    Rent-A-Telecom Administration ⁝

  • Questions on the app? Tap Support + Tutorial in the app, please.